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R-121 Piped Chalice and Host with Grapes R-122 Contemporary Chalice and Host
R-123 Christening Romper R-124 Celtic Cross Cut Out
R-125 Chalice and Host C.I. R-126 Contemporary Fondant Cross Tiered Cake
R-127 Golden Chalice R-128 Baptismal Cross and Dove
R-129 Blue and Purple Cross R-130 Chalice with Rays of Light
R-131 Contemporary Purple Cross and Scroll Work R-132 Dove and Contemporary Cross
R-133 Drawn Bbile with Purple Bouquet R-134 Fondant Baptism Dress
R-135 Modern Baby Boy Angel R-136 Modern Blue Cross
R-141 Fondant Cross with Shroud on Round R-142 Shamrock Cross Pan
R-143 Double Dove with Cross R-144 Baptismal Font
R-145 Drawn Confirmation Dove R-146 Drawn Infant Being Baptized
R-147 Piped Blue Chalice and Host with Grapes R-148 Modern First Communion Chalice
R-149 First Holy Communion Cross and Dove R-150 Piped Pastel Stained Glass
R-151 Confirmation Cross, Dove, and Candle R-152 Bright Modern Cross Tiered Cake
R-153 Stained Glass Cross Pan R-154 Purple Cross with Satin Bow
R-155 Black Jeweled Cross R-156 Rustic Cross and Dove
R-157 First Holy Communion R-158 Cornelli Lace Cross Pan
R-159 Golden Cross Pan R-160 Pink Polka Dotted Cross Pan
R-161 Embroidered Cross Pan R-162 Baptismal Booties and Lattice
R-163 Bible and Dove on a Oval R-164 First Holy Communion Computer Image
R-176 Oval Cross R-193 Ella Tiered
R-199 Baptism Tiered B R-1204 Tiered Reverance
R-206 Piped Baptismal Angel R-207 Frosting Cross and Doves
R-208 Drawn Chalice and Host R-209 Contempo Cross with Filigree
R-210 Vintage Cross and Pearls R-211 Gold Bible
R-212 Boy or Girl Communion Sun catcher R-213 Stained Glass Window



R-214 Baptism Suncatcher R-215 Dress Cut Out

R-216 Rosette Cross Pan R-217 Small Boy/Girl Statue
R-218 Open Book with Fondant Bookmark R-219 Elegant Cross of Roses
R-220 Full of Grace Baptismal C.I. R-221 Cross and Chevron Print
RO-39 Communion E.I. RO-112 Jesus Computer Image
RO-113 Praying Hands Drawn RO-114
RO-115 Kneeling Boy Figurine RO-143 Mary w/ Baby Jesus
RO-144 Lilly & Stained Glass Window RO-176 Baptismal Fountain

RO-188 Jesus Comp. Image RO-193 Drawn Cross
RO-199 Drawn Kneeling Boy RO-200 Pearl Rosary with Girl Statue
RO-201 Open Book with Gold Cross RO-203 Kneeling Girl
RO-204 Baby on Moon  

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