“You’ll Save Money…I GUARANTEE It!”

Do you like paying the lowest possible price? Getting the best deal?

Hi, I'm Ed Otto, "The Cake Maniac."

If you’re like me, you’re always trying to get the most for your money; trying to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it as far as it will go.

If that sounds like YOU, I have something unique that can possibly help you SAVE thousands of dollars year after year.

Let me say up front, this isn’t a gimmick like a coupon program, or bunch of free tips for spending less you’ll find on money-saving websites.

It is a highly effective technique only known by a handful of people to buy things for less.

In fact, 

 “I’m So Sure You’ll Pay Less…I’ll Personally GUARANTEE It.”

How can I make that kind of promise? It’s simple. I know it works because I’ve been using the same method for around 4 years.

And now that I have used it over 100 times, I want to show you some proof it works.

Let me explain how I stumbled across this powerful money-saving technique and how you too can take advantage of it.

Some years ago, an associate of mine invited me to take a look at a “buying” technique he was involved with creating.

Surprisingly, I discovered it wasn’t written to teach sales people or business owners how to get the most money from their customers.

Incredibly, it was the opposite.

He worked with a psychologist to create an innovative method to teach regular people like “you and me” how to “one-up” salespeopleat their own game.

To turn-the-tables…so-to-speak; where at last,

WE…could buy things for less!!

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to see how it worked.  

Here’s what I found. The training wasn’t full of fluff and useless information. And, it wasn’t a long drawn out 4 week course. It got right to the point by explaining how and why it works and then exactly how to use it…all in about an hour.

Best of all, it worked on everyday things like getting your carpets cleaned, buying furniture, having your bedrooms painted or about a thousand other ways.

The first two times I used it was to buy a flat screen TV and tires for my daughter’s car.

This incredible method is called the “Riches of 9.”

Let’s briefly go through 9 out of a 100 times I’ve used it to save money.

·         Had carpets cleaned throughout my whole house and saved $53.

·         Bought flat screen TV at a savings of $167 over the sale price.

·         Bathroom wallpapered and painted for $210 less than the bid.

·         Bought Furniture at a savings of $550.

·         Outside of the house painted at a cost of $2300 or $240 less than the bid.

·         Repair siding and deck for a total of $5300, which was $510 lower than the bid.

·         I bought 4 tires for my daughter’s car at a reduced price of $84.

·         Computer work at a reduced rate from $60 to $50 per hour.

·         At The Cake Gallery, I had construction work carried out on the interior at a cost of $6700. It was originally $7850 before I used the “Riches of 9,” saving the company $1150.

When you add up these 9 items, I saved $3354.

Not bad for a $149 investment!

Let me point out something else. Did you notice it works just as well on both lower as well as higher priced items?

Here’s How To Get Your Personal Copy Of “The Riches of 9.”

To keep the “Riches of 9” DVD under the radar and highly effective, it has a restricted yearly distribution across the entire country.

In Omaha, the allocation is limited to 250 copies.

While they officially go on sale September 15th for $249, between now and September 14th, you can pre-order at a deep discount and you'll pay only $149.  

Here’s the bottom line; if you want to level the playing field with salespeople eager to part you and your money, it will be the best money you’ve ever invested.


As I Stated Earlier, I’m So Confident You’ll Save Money
...I’ll personally give you a one-year guarantee to try it.


  Listen, I wouldn’t take the chance of losing you as a Cake Gallery customer if I wasn’t using it and knowing that it works.

I’m here to stand behind the “Riches of 9”…just like my cakes.

If paying less sounds good to you, click on “Yes, I Want To SAVE MONEY” to reserve your DVD, before the 250 copies are gone.


Over time―What if you could you save $5,000 or $25,000.
Do you think it would be worth more than $149?


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