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HV-61 Luv Squirrel

HV-62 3-D Chubby Cherub

HV-63 Roses & Lace Heart HV-64 Broken Heart Pop Up
HV-65 Lacy Heart w/ Ribbon HV-66 Bottom of My Heart
HV-67 Spotted Puppy HV-68 Sweet on You
HV-69 Purrfect Valentine HV-70 Shy Teddy Bear
HV-71 Jail Bird HV-72 Toadally Your's
HV-73 Pink Poodle Drawn HV-74 L-O-V-E
HV-75 Teddy Cupid HV-76 Mouse Love
HV-77 Key to my Heart HV-78 Two Cupids
HV-79 She loves me... HV-80 Drawn Box of Chocolates
HV-81 Lightbulb HV-82 Man with Flowers
HV-83 Cupid HV-84 Giraffes in Love
HV-85 Toadally in Love HV-86 Bear Couple
HV-87 Bear Valentine HV-88 Knock Out Gloves
HV-89 Dog with Heart HV-90 Flamin' Heart

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