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HT-61 Pilgrim Woman Pan

HT-62 Drawn Pilgrim Couple

HT-63 Mouse Pilgrim Couple HT-64 Open Book
HT-65 Indian Boy Pan HT-66 Fenced Road
HT-67 Drawn Cornucopia HT-68 Indian Boy with Basket
HT-69 Cornucopia Edible Image HT-70 Thanksgiving Bible Comp Image
HT-71 P.M. Thanksgiving Edible Image HT-72 Creme Pie Look-Alike Cake
HT-73 3-D Cornucopia HT-74 Precious Moments Thanksgiving E.I.
HT-75 Drawn Mouse on Cornucopia HT-76 Black Cat and Pumpkins
HT-77 Drawn Leaves and Acorns HT-78 Drawn Basket with Fruit
HT-79 Drawn Pumpkin with Heart HT-80 Drawn Turkey with Pumpkins
HT-81 Scarecrow Pan Cake HT-82 Pumpkin Pie Look-Alike Cake
HT-83 Smilin Scarecrow Computer Image HT-84 Drawn Blackbird
HT-85 Pilgrim Couple Drawn HT-86 Mice on Indian Corn
HT-87 Autumn Thyme HT-88 Drawn Pumpkin Vase

HT-89 Harvest Thyme Computer Image

HT-90 Drawn Pilgrims and Indian


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