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HT-31 T-Day Indian Boy

HT-32 Autumn Cornucopia

HT-33 Happy Fall Y'all! HT-34 Silly Turkey
HT-35 Scarecrow Bear HT-36 Happy Cornucopia
HT-37 Thanksgiving Couple HT-38 3-D Baked Turkey
HT-39 Feathered Turkey HT-40 Fruit and Veggie Cornucopia
HT-41 3-D Scarecrow Head HT-42 3-D Pumpkin w/ Flowers
HT-43 Cornucopia w/ Flowers HT-44 3-D Pilgrim Bear
HT-45 Thankful Couple HT-46 3-D Indian Bear
HT-47 Cornucopia Pop-Up HT-48 Frosting Cornucopia
HT-49 Pilgrim Boy HT-50 Pilgrim and Turkey Pop-Up
HT-51 Drawn Pilgrim Bears HT-52 Drawn Turkey & Farm
HT-53 Pilgrim Squirrel HT-54 Pilgrims w/ Pumpkins
HT-55 Scarecrow & Crow HT-56 Indian Corn Bunch
HT-57 Pilgrim Boy Pan HT-58 Fall Foliage

HT-59 Frosting Pilgrim's Hat

HT-60 Frosting Turkey

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