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HSP-31 3-D Bear with Pot of Gold

HSP-32 Rainbow w/ a Pot of Gold

HSP-33 Toasting Leprechauns HSP-34 Shamrock Available in two sizes only
HSP-35 Green Beer Cut-Out HSP-36 Luck of the Irish Horseshoe
HSP-37 Leprechaun & Gold Figs HSP-38 Laying Down Leprechaun Pan
HSP-39 3-D Leprechaun Bear HSP-40 Leprechaun w/ Gold Sack
HSP-41 Irish Hat & Pipe HSP-42 Leprechaun w/ Shamrocks
HSP-43 Leprechaun on Shamrock HSP-44 Irish Dancing Couple
HSP-45 Leprechaun w/ Pipe HSP-46 Leprechaun w/ Stick
HSP-47 Irish Hat Pop Up HSP-48 Lucky Horseshoe
HSP-49 Leprechaun Mouse HSP-50 Furry Leprechaun
HSP-51 Leprechaun Head Drawn HSP-52 Leprechaun on Tree Stump
HSP-53 Luck of the Irish Slot Machine HSP-54 Leprechaun with Sandwich
HSP-55 Dancing Leprechauns HSP-56 End of the Rainbow
HSP-57 Leprechaun with Green Ale HSP-58 Leprechaun in Car
HSP-59 Leapin' Leprechaun HSP-60 Pot of Gold & Leprechaun

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