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HH-121 Cute Witch HH-122 Drawn Trick-or-Treaters

HH-123 Pumpkin Cowboy HH-124 Frosting Scarecrow

HH-125 Frosting Haunted House HH-126 Monster Candy
HH-127 Pumpkin Wizard HH-128 Halloween Monsters E.I.
HH-129 Graveyard Whistles HH-130 Dracula in Box
HH-131 Drawn Trick or Treat HH-132 Cat Witch
HH-133 Monster Hand on Door Knob HH-134 Dancing Skeletons
HH-135 Cute Spider HH-136 Drawn Mummy
HH-137 Drawn Ghost and Bat HH-138 Goofy Pumpkin and Tombstone
HH-139 Drawn Bats HH-140 Witch and Cauldron
HH-141 Tombstone Pan Cake HH-142 3-D Haunted Ghost Castle
HH-143 Tiered Haunted Hill HH-144 Drawn Frankenstein
HH-145 Fester Cut Out HH-146 Spider Web Cupcake Cake
HH-147 Drawn Candy HH-148 Scarecrow Drawn
HH-149 Drawn Mummy HH-150 Headless Pumpkin Man

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