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HH-91 Monster Under my Bed HH-92 Witch Mountain

HH-93 Tombstone Drawn HH-94 Buzzard with Bone

HH-95 Monster in the Closet HH-96 Trick-or-Treat
HH-97 Little Dracula Pan HH-98 Screaming Mask Cut Out
HH-99 Small 3-D Haunted House Pan HH-100 Bat Cut Out
HH-101 Bride of Frankenstein HH-102 Fondant Ghost
HH-103 Mini Haunted House HH-104
HH-105 Tree with Pumpkins HH-106 Severed Skull Tiered Cake
HH-107 Halloween Friends HH-108 Wizard Rat
HH-109 Tombstone Pan HH-110 Witch Pan
HH-111 Halloween Package Tiered Cake HH-112 Sugar Heads
HH-113 Scooby's Scary Castle HH-114 Ghost in Pumpkin
HH-115 Ghost and Friends HH-116 Bear with Pumpkins
HH-117 Black Cat HH-118 Body Part Pizza
HH-119 Sugar Trick-or-Treaters HH-120 Dracula Drawn

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