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HH-31 3-D Spider HH-32 Blondes have more Fun

HH-33 Skull Cupcake Cake HH-34 Monster Cupcake Cake
HH-35 Witches and Warlocks HH-36 Ghost w/ Pumpkins
HH-37 3-D Stacked Pumpkins HH-38 Kitten w/ Pumpkin
HH-39 Pumpkin Ghost HH-40 3-D Cat Witch

HH-41 Spider on Square

HH-42 3-D Skull
HH-43 Black Cat & Pumpkin Cupcake Cake HH-44 3-D Black Cat
HH-45 3-D Witch Bear HH-46 Happy Fall Y'all
HH-47 Smashed Witch HH-48 Witch and Cauldron
HH-49 Sugar Trick-or-Treaters HH-50 3-D Witch Head
HH-51 Country Pumpkin Cupcake Cake HH-52 Cauldron and Spiders
HH-53 Haunted House HH-54 Spell book and Frog
HH-55 3-D Wizards Hat HH-56 Cat Head
HH-57 3-D Haunted Mansion HH-58 3-D Mummy Bear
HH-59 Black Cat on Fence HH-60 Clay Witch on Web Mountain

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