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HE-92 Duck with Egg Basket


HE-93 Fancy 3-D Egg

HE-94 Stained Glass Cross

HE-95 Clay Bunny in Basket HE-96 Bunny Lane
HE-97 Calvary's Cross Computer Image HE-Jesus Carrying Cross
HE-99 Bunny Holding Chick HE-100 Easter Stripes
HE-101 3-D Easter Basket w/ Fondant Eggs HE-102 Bunny with Carrot
HE-103 Duck in Rain Gear HE-104 Chocolate Bunny in Basket
HE-105 Baby Lamb with Tulip HE-106 Bunny Juggling Eggs
HE-107 Frosting Bunny in Basket HE-108 3-D Bunny Pan
HE-1/2 Egg with Piped Bunny on Top HE-110 1/2 Egg Hatching Chick
HE-3-D Polka Dot Easter Egg HE-112 Frosting Bunnies
HE-113 Bunny Painting Egg HE-114 Chocolate Bunny and Mouse
HE-115 Jesus Risen HE-116 Chick and Mouse in Egg
HE-117 Duckling on Egg HE-118 3-D Pink Bunny
HE-119 Elegant 3-D Egg w/ Gumpaste Flowers HE-120 3-D Bright Egg

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