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HE-31 Laying Lamb

HE-32 One-half Joyful Egg

HE-33 Smiling Bunny HE-34 Bunny Trail
HE-35 Pink Coconut Bunny HE-36 Bunny Barrel
HE-37 Happy Easter Bunny HE-38 Oval Egg with Bunnies
HE-39 Coconut Bunny w/ Ears HE-40 Longhaired Bunny w/ Ears
HE-41 Plastic Bunny Face HE-42 Bunny Carrot Overload
HE-43 Bunny with Egg Pan HE-44 Easter Basket
HE-45 Bunny Carrots HE-46 Fuzzy Bunny with Basket
HE-47 3-D Egg with Petite Fleurs HE-48 Clay Easter Friends
HE-49 One half Golden Egg HE-50 Easter Bunny Hill
HE-51 Lovable Lamb HE-52 Drawn Easter Basket
HE-53 Cuddle Bunny HE-54 3-D Lamb
HE-55 Bear in Bunny Suit HE-56 Easter Basket
HE-57 Birds and Egg HE-58 Written Happy Easter
HE-59 Drawn Lamb with Rainbow HE-60 Delivery Duck

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