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Dessert Cupcakes

Enjoy our mouth-watering flavorful ULTRAmoist™  selection



Red Velvet aka/ Waldorf   Contagious Carrot   Pink Champagne

ULTRAmoist ™red chocolate cake draped with cream cheese frosting.


Our version of this timeless classic will have you craving for more. (It has walnuts, but no raisins or pineapple). Cream cheese frosting.

   This is the real-deal “original” recipe. Yummy pink  cake filled with champagne mousse.
Lemon Ladies   Boston Crème   Irresistible Irish Cream

Hand squeezed lemons are the key to these awesome treats. Filled with lemon and topped with lemon buttercream.
(Minimum order - 2 dozen)


Madagascar Vanilla cake filled with French bavarian cream  covered in swirled fudge. These are the bomb!

   The “Cake Maniac's” favorite dark chocolate cake filled with Irish Cream goodness and frosted in vanilla whip.
Banana Split   Chocolate Overload   Passionate Peanut Butter

Banana cake filled with strawberry and a dollop of pineapple, iced in whip, dipped in chocolate and topped with nuts and a cherry.

(Minimum order - 2 dozen)


Guittard chocolate chips are nestled inside chocolate cake and covered with dark chocolate.

(Minimum order - 2 dozen)


Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, iced in peanut butter cream cheese and topped with crushed peanut butter cups.
These will make you mouth say