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B-121 Baby Holding Bottle B-122 Stork with Teddy in Bundle
B-123 Piped Bear with Booties B-124 Baby Bear Drawn
B-125 Bottle and Rattle Drawn B-126 Drawn Stork and Animals
B-127 Baby Sitting On Moon B-128 And the Cow Jumped over the Moon
B-129 Hello Mommy, GoodBye Tummy B-130 Bear in Bassinette
B-131 Baby Moon B-132 Big Head Baby
B-133 Baby on Horse B-134 Baby Back
B-135 Baby on Lamb B-136 Bear on Quilt
B-137 Smiling Baby Girl B-138 Modern Mother-to-Be
B-139 Quilt with Frosting Items B-140 Yes! I'm a Girl
B-141 2-D Hippo B-142 Cuddly Stork
B-143 Baby Bib B-144 Baby Hugging Bear
B-145 Drawn Footprints B-146 Bear Shower Computer Image
B-147 Sailing Teddy E.I. B-148 Showers of Love
B-149 Precious Moments Heavens Bless You E.I. B-150 Precious Moments Baby E.I.

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