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B-91 Pastel "C" Tiered Cake B-92 Standing Stork with Bundle
B-93 Baby Buggy with Toys B-94 Baby Animals with Gifts
B-95 Rocking Horse Drawn B-96 Bear with Blanket
B-97 I'm A Boy Drawn B-98 Baby Football
B-99 Baby Bear On Blanket B-100 Duckie Candles
B-101 Baby Shower with Animals B-102 Baby with Umbrella
B-103 Bear With Heart Balloons B-104 Flying Stork With Baby
B-105 Baby Bunny on Moon Pop-Up B-106 Baby on Moon E.I.
B-107 Scattered Baby Items B-108 Umbrella Cut Out
B-109 Sugar Baby Items On Each Piece B-110 Baby Face Cut Out
B-111 Piped Baby Items On Each Piece B-112 Baby Bundle Cut Out
B-113 Bare Bottom Baby B-114 Welcome Little One
B-115 Duckie Baby Shower B-116 Buggy Babies
B-117 Twinkle, Twinkle B-118 Baby Moon Cut Out
B-119 3-D Baby Quit B-120 Baby Booties

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