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B-61 Twins B-62 Baby Booties
B-63 Drawn Baby Items B-64 Bigger and Better
B-65 Delivery Stork B-66 Bear and Butterflies
B-67 Shop 'til Ya Pop! B-68 Baby Elephant
B-69 Sugar Baby Feet B-70 Onesie Cut Out

B-71 3-D Bassinette w/ Fondant Bear

B-72 Baby in Shower


B-73 Baby Elephant Shower B-74 Stork with Baby in Nest
B-75 Bear and Frog in Wagon B-76 Fondant Baby and Animals Tiered Cake
B-77 Baby Monkey Cut Out B-74 Frosting Frog Prince
B-79 3-D Bear and Blanket B-80 Couples Showers of Love
B-81 Sweet Pea Baby B-82 Splish Splash Baby
B-83 Baby Bear Triplets B-84 Now I lay me...
B-85 Frosting Baby Items B-86 Baby Boy Drawn
B-87 Stork on Time B-88 Baby Boy Shower
B-89 Cowboy Baby B-90

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