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B-31 Baby Baseball Player B-32 Baby Girl (or Boy) Outfit

B-33 Baby Bunny Tiered Cake B-34 Baby and Roses Comp Image
B-35 Christening Baby Comp Image B-36 Baby Princess on Blocks
B-37 Teddy on Rocking Horse B-38 New Mom and Dad
B-39 Angel Bear on Cloud B-40 Stork and Friends
B-41 Baby Bear in Bouncer B-42 Happy Baby
B-43 Sleeping Baby with Animals B-44 Twins in a Tub
B-45 Baby Draggin Teddy B-46 Cowboy Baby
B-47 Mother-to-Be Belly B-48 Baby Bee
B-49 Baby Bear with Rattle B-50 Stuffed Friends
B-51 Baby Boy Cross Comp Image
(not avail. for a girl)
B-52 Polka Dot Pregnancy
B-53 3-D Baby Buggy B-54 Baby Rattle
B-55 Boy Jumper Cut Out B-56 Baby Bees and Bee Hive
Only Available in certain Sizes
B-57 Fondant Draped Packages with Baby Block Topper B-58 Duckie Cut Out
B-59 Claymation Teddy on Rocking Horse B-60 Baby Bibs Cut Out

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