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B-1 Rocking Horse Pan on 1/2 Sheet B-2 Baby Bear on Moon Drawn

B-3 Baby and Polka Dots B-4 Crying Baby Shaped Cake
B-5 Mother Goose B-6 Clothesline E.I. Tiered Cake
B-7 Sweet Peas B-8 Baby Jungle Animals
B-9 Baby Carriage Cut Out B-10 Baby Carriage Cut Out
B-11 Baby Bud Figure B-12 Bright Drawn Handprints
B-13 Footprints Tiered Cake B-14 Sugar Baby Item Tiered Cake
B-15 Dress Cut Out B-16 Carosel Tiered Cake
B-17 3-D Duckie on Round Tier B-18 Drawn Big Umbrella
B-19 Rubber Duckie Cut Out B-20 Classy Mom to Be
B-21 Can't Wait... B-22 Bear with Heart Balloon
B-23 Noah's Ark Comp Image B-24 Baby Bunny in Bed
B-25 3-D Hatching Chick B-26 Baby and Bunny in Rocker
B-27 Double Bubble B-28 Baby Feet Cut Out
B-29 Religious Bassinette and Lamb B-30 Sleeping Baby

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